Bug with hidden sketches

Hey guys
Just wanted to share a bug that I keep stumbling on and have no actual solution.
Let’s say we have two sketches. They’re in the same position in X and Z dimension but are in different heights.

I hide the top one because I want to work on the bottom one. When I try to add a line to the bottom sketch, the top sketch gets un-hidden automatically and the line is added to that top sketch.

The only way I found to work on the bottom sketch is to move it, work on it and then move it back to the original position but that is incredibly tedious.

Is there a way we can post these bugs and track their progress?

Is it possible that the grid is on the top sketch?

I have the same issue, damn!

Hi @EleFante, is it possible that you have the grid over the sketch?

mm… How to know that?