How can i sketch a line that runs along the edge of a different sketch?

even when i hide the existing sketch, it reappears when i try to draw the line.

it seems to be vagely similar to this issue: How to start a new sketch from the corner of a body

but that does not have a reply.

Hi Larry,

what exactly do you want to do? Having a sketch line that fully overlaps with the edge of a body?

yes, it runs along part of the same line as another line, but joins to different lines that i will pull a body from

Larry, Thanks for raising this, I have the same issue, there does not appear to be a way, like Groups, where you can use the same part of the grid for multiple sketches. In tutorials we are encouraged to lock a point on the main axis but this just adds the new sketch to the same sketch “group” and shows previous sketches in that “group”. If there was an option, like Groups, to add a new sketch, then add the new drawing to it we could then hide the original?

Having multiple sketches separately on the same plane is on our roadmap. No ETA yet.