Hidden folders reappearing


I’m having a new behaviour I’ve not noticed before with coincident sketches causing hidden folders to become unhidden.

If I have 2 folders in the items manager and sketch in folder 1, then hide folder one so I can see and sketch in folder 2. If the second sketch is on the same plane as the first one in folder 1, folder 1 and all it’s contents reappear and block my view of sketch 2.

To resolve this I have to go it to folder 1 find the original sketch and delete it. I can now sketch in folder 2 without folder 1 reappearing.

Hope that makes sense.


It is the expected behaviour for now. Since we don’t have sketch groups yet, sketch planes can either be completely hidden or unhidden, regardless of which folder are you in.

In this sense, there is no sketch 1 and 2. However when you are in sketch mode, objects become transparent so they don’t block your view.

I hope the video shows the problem I’m having. After sketching in one folder and hiding it (and it’s contents), when I then sketch in a different folder on the same sketch plane the hidden folder and all it’s contents become unhidden and I can’t see what I’m sketching on.

Also the folder that was hidden now needs to be re-hidden.

Hope that makes more sense.


Sure, it does, thanks!