Bus Wheel Project

Here is a wheel project I’m doing for a training app. I spent a couple of days on it so far. The bus body in the first picture is just a partial body to give perspective.

All done in Shapr3D and visualisations.


I started on the tools.


Made the battery wheel nut ratchet.


I duplicated the battery wheel ratchet and then changed the front of the original blue one into a drill chuck with wire brush.


Nice job. I like the hand grip on the drill housing.

Thanks Mike. I got lucky with the grip. I did it late as Loft can be hard to get right with tricky shapes. But by sheer luck I got it right at the first attempt, all I had to do was tweak the position of some of the Loft shapes and I was happy with it.

I’m almost done with all the components for this project. I’ll take them into ZBrush next and convert them to polygons and then UV map them so I can add textures etc.

Amazing design a lot of details :+1::eyes::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Thank you for the nice comment :+1:

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Very impressive, it will be a great presentation.