Motorcycle wheel hub

I’ve been designing a front hub for my motorcycle (chopper) for quite a while now, and I think I might have the design about finished.
Hopefully we’ll start machining it in the next week or so.
I modeled the spokes, Akront 21” rim, and vintage Firestone tire that I’ll be running to get a good idea of how it will all look assembled.

I’m excited to make this thing a reality, and it was all done in Shapr3D :+1:t2:

Here’s an early version of the design, using AR preview to “mock it up.”

And here’s the inspiration…


LOVE IT! So much that I even tweeted it: :slight_smile:


Thanks @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D!

AR preview and export has helped me visualize things like handlebars, exhaust… really anything I can come up with. It makes it so much easier to communicate a design.


OMG, this is awesome… I love it.

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Hello, I’ve had the pro version for several months and have significant problems using the software to do anything worth while. I’m a 75 year old mechanical engineer who has been around most 3D design packages since the 80’s . I have not been able to have it click in my mind. I mastered auto cad 2 d years ago But never had a job that allowed me to actually operate the software, now I’m determined to use it . I think I need a close by coach or a dedicated course or a written Manuel to get me into the necessary mindset. Do you have either of these two? If not what other ideas do you have to help me?

Love the idea of the software, frustrated !!!

Chuck Hueil
Loveland Ohio 45140 USA

Hello Chuck,

We can always help at

You can also check out the following resources

Shapr3D Help Desk We list every tool and how to use them.

Shapr3D YouTube channel

It has a variety of videos:

If in trouble, - Hope these help

I had the front end apart doing some maintenance, so I figured it was a good opportunity to use AR and project the full modeled wheel.

We’re working on a small test piece to check part of the process on a 4th axis before we machine the actual hub.


I love how you are using AR. It’s one of the most useful use cases I’ve seen.

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Been meaning to ask: Are you going to put a disc break on front or are you omitting front breaks?

@Oregonerd no front brake, just rear.
Only thing on the bars is the throttle. Foot clutch/hand shift.
It’s fun!

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Live dangerously. Lost my front tire grip at 70 in a 25 at 17. 60 now I feel like 80. Careful having fun. Most of your stopping power is in the front… but you know that.

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