Can I copy/move these faces to another object?

This is a Gridfinity and I need to put those ledges in each bucket. Is there an elegant way to copy the blue faces to another bucket?

Copy and move the body a bit, then use the Align tool to move/align it to the other body.

Thanks Laci, I can only move the part if copy is off strangely. There is of course a STEP involved so I guess bad things have to happen.

Somehow doesn’t make sense it can be moved but not copy-moved.

Can you upload a short video of the problem?

Sure here you go.

Are the blue faces in your pic a separate body? Or, are they faces that are part of the larger surrounding body?

If a separate body then you can do what @Laci_K suggested. If they are in fact part of the larger body then you cannot copy/paste to another body.

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Yea, as @TigerMike said, it looks like you are not selecting the whole body, but 2 faces. You can copy-move the whole body if you select it.

Ah OK I see the logic now thank you guys. So instead of drawing on the back of the cup I should have added a plane and draw on that? Is that making sure it’s a separate body?

It’s not necessary. By default it will be a Union with the original body, but you can change this setting in the boolean menu:

You van also cut the already created body with the Split body tool.

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