Can someone let me know where i can download or find the beta version of Sync?

I know the beta version of Sync has been released, but i do not have that version, can support team let me know where i can download it? I am using IPad Pro


I can only use sync if I allow the Shapr3D team to look at my designs at will, if you want?
If I specifically don’t want that, can’t I use Sync?

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Since currently we don’t support end to end encryption (implementing it would be technically very challenging), theoretically we could access your designs if we wanted to when you turn on Sync - but we won’t. The cases described under ‘Encryption’ in the FAQ refer to data processing, they are not about looking at our customers’ designs. Our Sync is as private and secure as any other cloud based sync solution. We understand that some customers prefer not to use cloud services at all, thus we made it completely optional, and Shapr3D will be fully functional even if it is turned off.

I appreciate your frankness.
Unfortunately, there is no way to save all Shapr3D files at once to a location of my choosing.
I have to do this for each individual drawing.

Do you want to do that to back up your files or to sync across devices?

For two reasons:

  • To back up
  • Export to continue drawing on a Windows PC with Shapr3D.

It would be nice if I could select some or all of the drawings and then export to a location of my choice as needed.

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For backup purposes could implement mass export in the future, but that would not be suitable for syncing across devices. If we had end to end encryption (meaning that not even theoretically we could access your data) would that be acceptable for you?

A bulk export for backup purposes would be fine really.
End-to-end encryption would of course be the best solution and would also be accepted by our company’s IT department, since certain QS standards in company policy have to be met.

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I see, makes sense, thank you. With e2e encryption we could not implement some features in the future that we want to build, but we could enable it for a subset of features if we see significant demand for it. Thank you for your input.