Can’t extrude simple outline

I’ve created a simple sketch for a wall mounted case. See attached lunos.shapr (1.0 MB)

I want to extrude the bottom exempt the large oval hole and mounting holes to form a 3mm bottom. Then I want to extract the offset wall to to full 25mm

I miserably fail. I can either extrude the wall. The I can’t hilight the inner parts of the sketch anymore. Or I can extrude the bottom. I then can’t select or extrude the wall. Sketching on top of the bottom extrusion by trying to create a offset also fails, it always adds the whole bottom part to the sketch.

Any suggestions?

And another remark: it used to be that when entering a number manually (eg when offsetting) the sign was preserved. Now it always becomes positive whenever I enter a number.

Hide the body, and the filling will appear. We hide those sketch fillings that are over a hole, because it would be really confusing, but this is an interesting case, because in such cases we should definitely show it. We will tweak it further.