Can't extrude "You can't extrude the face"


I am new to Shapr3d. I just started my trial after testing the free version for a while :slight_smile:

I am new to modeling.

Today I created a sketch and I would like to extrude the sides like in my example.

But it’s impossible, I always have the same error “You can’t extrude the face…”.

I have checked all my anchor points and I see nothing.

Can you help me ?


You can download my shapr3d file here:

Yes I’m finding that too. All the inner parts will extrude, but not the outer ring.

I trimmed all the inner parts and the outer part still won’t extrude. I think it’s a bug. One of the support crew will probably be along soon and help you out.

Thank you Stephen!
Thank you for taking the time to try to solve my problem, it’s nice!

I hope the support can help

Hey @techdevil,
There is a loop in the offset spline around the upper corner of the sketch. Realigning the control points lets you extrude the shape.

The Offset Crv tool tends to have results like this if the offset curve is too tight, the dense distribution of control points is always a suspicious detail for locating these areas.

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Perfect! it’s work!
Thank you KPeter. I didn’t know it could be a problem :slight_smile:

Well spotted Peter :+1:

When shapr3D does the calculation and finds it can’t be extruded, and gives the error message. Does it internally know at what point in the sketch blocks the extrusion ability? If so it would be nice if there could be a way to get a red arrow or something to point at the error so we don’t have to use trial and error to bisect the region to find the issue.

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