Can't extrude a sketch

I made a sketch and wanted to extrude it.
Unfortunately it doesn’t show up as a body and I just can’t find the error that caused it. Can someone help?

Seems like it’s not a closed sketch, since it doesn’t have a sketch filling.

Easiest way to find the issue is to start cutting the sketch with straight lines, so you can see which part has a problem, then zoom in to find what isn’t connected.

Just from the look of it, I would probably start with the bottom corner.

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Trying to zoom in the best I can it looks like maybe a gap in the bottom of the heart.

I zoomed in again to 0.005mm and went through all the lines. Found the bug. Was not the place as in the photo. That would be a suggestion for improvement. For complicated sketches there should be a function to find gaps.
Thanks again for your help