Can’t use AR function

Why I just can’t use AR



Depending on the device, there are limits of how large a file can be which can be displayed in AR. Here the real size of the model matters a lot. For buildings, it usually doesn’t work in the real size.

So if you want to use it for AR, there is a “trick”: Duplicate the project on the Projects tab, open the duplicate, and use Scale to shrink it down. Once it’s small enough for AR to accept it, you can Scale it up in the AR viewer. :slight_smile:

Thanks,I will try and let you know. My device is the latest version iPad Pro with M2 cpu

now problem solved, thanks.but still remains issues with this scale model, can’t fit environment perfectly. However it’s one way to AR my model.

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Also having an issue now with AR and USDZ export for all file sizes. I just posted about it too.

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