File too large for AR Quicklook?

Hi everyone. I seem to be running into a problem where AR Quicklook fails. It says “the file is too large”. This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with overall size of the final objects but number of parts.

If I missed this covered elsewhere, please let me know.


It is a device limitation. There is a limit of how big the overall file can be for AR to work.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there a framework to understand the limit? For example: Device/Ram/file size = works/doesn’t work

Further, are there ways of limiting the file size in order to get the AR function to work? Maybe not using some textures?

Thanks for the help.

Not really, it’s an Apple limitation.

Not using any textures surely helps, other than that, the less textures you use also the better chance it will work with AR.

The problem isn’t really the file size, but the memory usage, which aren’t always closely related. A large file without textures can end up using a lot less memory, then a smaller file with lots of textures used.

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