Can the Shapr3D YouTube Tutorials be Downloaded?

Can anyone tell me if the Shapr3D YouTube tutorials can be downloaded and saved? I’d like to find a way to play them slowed down so that I can follow them better, especially where the pencil pops in and out. I’m getting old I guess. :slight_smile: Thanks kindly.

I just discovered that I can get info on what’s being done by turning on the Closed Captioning - THANKS!

use firefox and download a youtube downloader add-on

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I use Safari only. I wonder if there is an equivalent downloader for it?

giaa2. I’ll look into it more. Thanks again.

robotics hobbyist,

Thank you very much. That’s perfect for me. Combined with the closed captions feature and the focused clarity of the videos, there’s hope yet for this geezer.

Also, I’d not realized about the benefit to Shapr3D by watching online vs. downloading so I’ll certainly follow your lead on that.

Many thanks,
Gerry V

You can use any online video converter too. But those won’t download the subtitles / captions for you. Only the video.

Here are some you can try:

Make sure to set it to mp4 to get a video. Somewhere the default option is mp3, which will be audio only.

If you watch the video online, that helps us get more views and spread the word about the product. But you are welcome to download these if you want to. The only problem is that you can’t download the captions together with the video. Only separately. Like with this tool:

Then you need to add the caption / subtitle to the video and play them together on your computer.