Please update video tutorials in Shapr Windows

Is it possible to add more tutorial videos that open in the program. There is curently only one video that open within the program.


Hi! You can access a lot of tutorial videos from the “Learn” tab on the main screen – have you checked those out? Those, in most cases, link to a YouTube video that opens in your browser, but we have found that to be a better solution: we can keep the installer at a reasonable size without having to ship the videos in it and you can use a second screen to open the tutorial video and follow along in Shapr3D on a separate screen without having to switch back & forth.

Yes I know all of that but if one does not have a second screen then the video playing in the app is really helpful.

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Got it, thanks, What’s the main advantage of the app playing the video itself for you, as opposed to it being opened in a separate browser window?

I don’t have an extra screen. :slight_smile:

I get that :slight_smile: But how is it being displayed in the app (and opening & closing it in the app to be able to do modeling) better than just switching back & forth between a browser and Shapr3D with Alt+Tab?

Because i can follow along and sketch while the video is running. in the same window

Got it, thanks! (and also thanks for putting up with my stupid questions and patiently answering them all – it really helps)

No worries. There are no stupid questions here.