Can the sketch be layered?

Sketch 2d it’s ez then 3d i need layer for sketch i am free user

Hi @Aphisitkt Welcome to the Forum
EDIT: Layers do not exist as such in S3D. Just found out we now have Layers.
Yet to determine if the Icon has changed it’s Label.
The Items Icon that looks similar to Layers in other software is rightmost in the bottom left menu.
In the ScreenShot below the Icon has been clicked to reveal it’s contents.
The contents of Items are Individual Items, e.g., Bodies and Sketch planes.
Folders can be created within Items to assist efficient management of complex Designs.
Anything added to Sketch plane 01 will remain within that Sketch plane.
Verify this by clicking on the appropriate Eye Icon on the right to Hide the Sketch click again to show.
If you want to create a separate Sketch it must be on a different Plane, one of the 3 Main Planes or a Construction Plane, see Add > Construction Plane.
Use Sketch > Rectangle and Sketch > Circle to create something similar to the Rectangle and Circle on the iPad.

For clarity the Bodies shown have been moved upward to show the Sketches, the Sketches remain on the Plane. It is a good idea to Hide rather than Delete Sketches

Bodies are created by:

Body 01 - Select the Rectangle shown highlighted Blue, then pull up the Double Arrow.

Body 02 - Sketch > Line draw a line to divide the Circle equally.
Use Tools > Revolve first Tap to Select Half of the Circle as shown and then Tap the Line dividing the circle.
This will create the Sphere:

If you need more help just shout.

Happy S3Ding

Hi, I do not completely understand your question.

Please can you further explain?

I have not experienced this before.
I have been importing dxf. Files, Typed Letters and Numbers, into S3D to use as Annotations.

I had Exported to DXF - Used my usual Software to type in Letters - Imported back into S3D.
Doing this just now Items opened as Layers. Items had been present on Export.

Hi @Gelphyn please can you share some screenshots to help me better understand the issue?

Hello Victor

I have changed my MO for Creating and Importing dxf. Files:-

  1. Use 3rd Party Graphics Package that hands DXF

  2. Type a maximum of one word or group of characters that remain together

  3. Export the File as DXF

  4. Place it in a location available to S3D, or us iCloud for there same purpose

  5. Import the File into S3D.

Note: On previous occasions the Characters would become available in S3D and that is was the end of the story.

  1. Recently an Import failed and caused me to dig around in S3D to locate the DATA imported.

  2. It could not be found so I repeated it again and that was the first siting, for me, of Layers within S3D

  3. Now it is routine that Layers show up:

It is possible that this was always the case, but the apparent loss of an Import and the need to repeat that process followed by the appearance of Layers caused me to ask about the situation.
It is equally possible that this is how it is supposed to function.

Thanks for your time, best regards,


Hi Gelphyn, I see what you mean.
It’s simply an imported title from the other app the design was exported from.

We do not rewrite/convert the “titles” to our naming conventions for imported files.

Thanks for that Victor.
Strange I had never noticed it before, possibly a change in the 3rd Party Software?
No sleep will be lost thinking about it. :sunglasses: