Cannot extrude from my sketch, error and then also crashes a lot of the time.

I have recently run into a problem when I try to extrude from my imported sketches. I’m using a dwg file made in illustrator. Every time I try to extrude it says “the face or sketch filling cannot be extruded”. Here is a video of what happens:
Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom Secondly, I cannot seem to import DXF files, the app crashes everytime. I’ve sent in the crash report when it happens.
Thank you,


Hey @jessicajean,
Thank you for reporting it! The extrude from the imported .dwg most likely fails because the sketch curve contains small imperfections (loops, breaks, etc…) which prevents the extrude. In a similar case inspecting the curve zoomed in in sketch mode usually highlights the issue.
We would be happy to investigate this and your .dxf file as well, please open a support ticket. :pray: