Extrude from imported dxf

I have imported a dxf from illustrator and am trying to extrude it. The shape is a compound path in outline. I am unable to extrude the shape but can extrude the gaps, I.e. the bits that are cut out. Can anyone help please?
Thank you

Is it a closed shape? Can’t you fill it? Can you fill all parts of it?

The issue is not from dxf file.
The issue is connected to the shape it self.

Some of the imported shapes converted to a work of spline; even if it closed. You can not extrude it some how.

I’m sure they’ll fix it soon or later.

Just for try

Try to lift up the sketch and project it on the axes

Then try to extrude the projected shape.

Sometimes it work.

Thanks for all your advice - tried quite a few things and without success. What seems to be happening is that I can extrude the spaces in the shape but not the shape itself - in other words the bits that are to be laser cut can be extruded. It’s a puzzle.

Can you send the AI file?

I tried to u-load a file here but as a new user it says I can’t.

I have solved this now - so here is how.
I imported the dxf into fusion360 - extruded successfully and exported as a step file into shapr3d. Completed design attached as an image.