Extrusion failed

I imported a simple image and then I outlined it; it’s all one piece (shows 33 sketches that are all connected). when I try to extrude it it says “extrusion failed.” couldn’t find anyone else having this problem by searching the error message. the design is simple enough and it has only

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I’m having the same issue. Have yet to find a solution

Can you share the workspace, vid on the specific issue?

It’s says I cannot upload files because I’m a new user

If I highlight the selection and try to extrude the shape up, it says failed extrusion. It does the same if i use the extrusion option as well. Would it have something to do with the shape itself?

Same problem. I used draw tool to outline, but once the area is closed it won’t extrude.image

Hi - with splines sometimes extrusion is not easy - it is a know issue and we will try to fix it. What helps sometimes is extruding them in parts (separate the closed sketch with lines), then Union them - we will look into the issue in the future.

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Try to keep your spline shapes as simple as possible … less is better with splines? :sunglasses:

Practice, practice and practice with the spline tool … I’m always doodling with the spline tool to improve my techniques … there’s some great YouTube tutorials to check out for the spline tool…image