Can't draw a simple rectangle

Can someone show me how to draw a simple rectangle? The fourth “leg” never quite connects. When you zoom way in you’ll see the dots aren’t actually connected.

Another issue: I can’t put a horizontal or vertical constraint on a line and then move it.

Another issue: If you lock one end of a line, then dimension the line to another size, it just simply doesn’t work. Why? One end is freely unconstrained, I don’t understand why the other end can’t simply get longer?

Update to 3.0.1, it has been released just now.

Can you try drawing a rectangle with the new release? Version 3.0.1 was just released today a few hours ago: Make sure to update and try again.

If the issue is still there, please show us the problem on a video. That helps in understanding the nature of the problem.


much better, except now when I apply a horizontal or vertical constraint, it isn’t honored. in other words, I can draw a straight line, put a horizontal constraint on it, then drag it to a non horizontal angle.

I also see this when I draw a line, make it horizontally constrained, then draw another line connecting to it. If I move the second line, the constrained line will also erroneously move off it’s constraint.

sounds like 3.0.1 is a step in the right direction but still broken.image

Is this a new workspace that you created in 3.0.1, or you just opened an old one? If it is an old one, try to recreate these sketches in a new workspace.

I can’t recreate the above mentioned situation in a new workspace with version 3.0.1.

Can you show me how you get to this in a video?

I can’t reproduce it now on a new blank workspace. I think it must’ve been an older workspace from 3.0 that I reused.

Then if you could update your App Store review, it would be very much appreciated.

Having Primitive shapes would help eliminate all the above.
I design furniture so the ability to select a rectangle tool, and then add length and width values into a number Box would make the whole process super fast.


Adding primitives is on the roadmap already. We plan to release it with one of the future updates. :slight_smile:

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Well Sir, when that launches it will be a major step forward. So pleased it is on the map at last.
Thank you

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