Broken horizontal constraints in fresh sketch

See the attached file. Second line in a fresh workspace. In general i have the impression constraints are flakier. broken-horizontal-constr.shapr (372 KB)


An enormous sketch/constraint update is on it’s way. It will be a entirely new experience.

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Got an ETA? It’s so much fun sketching with Shapr3D, but the little bugs disrupt the flow :frowning:

Already submitted to App Store review.

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Any news on this? I’m again suffering from inexplicable contraint issues. Either not offered, or ignored when applied. I’m really frustrated.

Still? Can you send any workspaces where you experience those issues?

Took a while but here you go. I tried to get a second parallel line down to the outer arc. Parallel is simply not accepted. Making it vertical will limit the length to what you see. Drawing a second line til the arc & make vertical will undo the incidentiary constraint & zip it to a short line /point. prop guard.shapr (372 KB)

Hi! Thank you for the workspace, we’ve reproduced the behavior that you described. We are working on the fix.

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