Constraints not working since 3.1.4 update

The app has become very unpredictable when it comes to constrained sketch objects since the latest upgrade (3.1.4). For example if I draw a vertical line such that the ends are constrained to edges of a rectangle (but otherwise unconstrained), I can’t move it around anymore. I have run across many similar issues related to constrained lines.

I LOVE the app and have come to rely on it for quickly designing parts to 3D print. Please help!


Hi - thanks for the report. We will check it out. A video of the problem (how have you ended up with it, and what it is exactly) would be a great help. I wasn’t able to recreate it based on your description.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the quick reply, especially on a weekend!

I recorded a video demonstrating that I was first able to draw a line in a rectangle and apply a vertical constraint once. I then deleted and tried doing the exact same thing and it would not apply the vertical constraint the second time. This is sort of thing I have been encountering. I also can’t move lines attached to sides of a rectangle (even when the line is unlocked). But you can’t see that I am attempting to do that in the video.

Here is the link to the video on my public dropbox folder (apparently new users to the forum can’t post videos).


Thanks for the Report. It does seem like a bug. Ill create a ticket about this, and we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

Hi Daniel

Thanks so much for looking into this. Looking forward to a fix.

Keep up the great work.