Cant Extrude and other stuff

Honestly, the app makes me crazy lately. I do understand that its simplicity and accessability comes at a price, and there is a limit building very complex things. But that is the deal, that is why I am using shapr, not other software. Anyways: Now also simple operations do not work. I drew stuff the other day that took me hours only to learn upon export that there is some sort of error and a part cannot be exported. Ya, thanks! No explaination, no hint how to solve this. Hours of work down the drain.

Today I challenged the app with a crazy thing: rectangles! Whoa! The attached screenshot shows what I complex madness am trying to do: extrude the highlighted area inwards. Not gonna happen. Either I extrude all the way through the material until a whole is built, or NOTHING is happening. (Yes I did type in a low value) And this process is only the workaround for my previous approach to build up the shape with several extruded rectangles that were supposed to merged with the base plane. No way. Would not work. Merging did not work. „Nicht mannigfaltiges Ergebnis“ shapr says. I would really love to learn what this sentence means. (Please talk to your translaters to fix this, it makes absolutely no sense!)

What is wrong lately? I did manage to build some complex stuff in the past, but get more and more frustrated recently as even very simple tasks fail.


Because cutting it out would create a non manifold body.

In the corners the material’s thickness would be 0, where the hand’s and the cutting shape’s corners meet. Either move the corners a little bit, or offset the entire sketch a bit. We should definitely send an error message in this case, warning that the cut is not possible because of this non manifold issue.

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Here is a possible workaround. Do an Extrude raising it some amount and make it a New Body. Then move that new body down however depth you desire and then do a Subtract.


The body would be still non manifold. The inner profile has to be changed, eg offseted a little bit.

I stand corrected. I gave it a try to see for myself and yes, Subtract would not work unless I modified the body I wish to subtract. Thanks for clarifying.

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I find myself in states where it is difficult to see where the problem is. A better error message would be helpful but I would find highlighting the point(s) where the operation is blocked so I don’t have to zoom and search could be super helpful to accomplish the task the user is clearly seeking to do. I say make it obvious.

A similar issue I’ve curse to myself about (because I am clumsy) is when I am tracing a detailed spline there are times where it does not completely connect to the previous spline. I don’t want to admit how long it took me to find the missing connections on this project before I could extrude them. (maybe there is already an easy way that I am just not aware of?)

Coaster A v3.shapr (9.2 MB)

I hope I don’t come off as complaining (too much). This is meant as constructive criticism because I love Shapr3D :heart: