Non manifold sketch, how can I fix it?

Hello, I’m very new to Shapr3D, and for a school project I need to make a keychain.
I went with something a little bit ambitious, but I’ve finished the main sketch, when I tried to extrude it, it said it was non-manifold.
I understand what non-manifold means, but how can I fix the issue?

I would attach the file but I am not allowed to :frowning:

without reference image

Usually a good way to figure out the problematic part is to start “splitting” the sketch with lines, and extruding the cut off parts. This way you can identify where the problem is, which part cannot be extruded, then zoom in and look for the problematic sketch section.


Good suggestion from @Laci_K.
If I were to render a guess, it would be in the area I circled in red.

Same technique I use to find ‘broken’ lines :+1:

thank you, I hadn’t thought of that!

I’ve made a post to ask Shapr3D team to add a feature that could help us find these problems. Meaning if they are able to find them to tell us that it can create a non manifold body, then why not showing us where they have detected the problem?