Can anyone find the sketch that is causing the nonmanifold edge? I am trying to extrude the black pixels but I cannot because it is saying it will cause a non-manifold edge. Thanks.

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Hello there!
The non-manifold state means that somewhere there would be an opening or a zero thickness issue on the body.

Could it be that you are trying to extrude two rectangles that are connected only by one of their corner points?

ps.: next time please share the Shapr3D design after exporting it, the Webviewer does not show sketches.

A forum search brought up this thread which suggest using Meshmixer. Non-manifold detection

Hi Bold. Welcome to the forum. Upload the project please so we can check the sketches for you.

Im not sure how to attach a Shapr3D file to this thread - it wouldn’t let me because I am a new user.

No problem, I just upgraded your status so you should be allowed to upload