Cardboard and PETG Stool

Hi Shapr3D community,
I’m using shapr3D since 1 month as a test to design on the go with the iPad. the idea to have the same both on Mac or mobile is really interesting.
I am really impressed by the results. Once I understood the principle of the app… it’s really fun to do projects with it.

i made this project with Shapr3D to have a good preview of the final rendering, before launching a real prototype. It was really fun to do with this app. I started with the iPad and finished the project on the Mac.

Here is the first prototype made from 16mm honeycomb board and 12mm PETG. cut with a Zund G3 and a lot of v-Cut!

For informartion, I used Illustrator at the end to prepare the file for the plotter… because I have a special workflow. Shapr3D doesn’t have layer to separate the different cut line.

thank you for watching !


picture from Shapr3D


This is great, thanks for sharing!

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Hey istvan. thank you for your comments !
Did you plan to add cardboard on the texture list ? or a way to create our own texture ?

We keep adding more and more materials, and if we see significant demand for a cardboard material then we’ll add it at some point of time. In the future we might even add support for custom materials.


Very nice work Clem.