Chamfer V-carved text

How do I make letters like they are v-carved? I´ve tried with chamfer but it only allow a chiseled edge upwards, not downwards…

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 15.01.37

Just a thought but… if you were create new bodies from the letters and chamfer from below instead of above and use those bodies to subtract from the body you want the letters in.

Like typesetting.

That’s probably an oversimplification of the process but might give you a starting point.

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If you haven’t found the text tool @Yepher created it’s well worth the couple bucks. Super useful.

Excellent idea!

That works, however its not optimal. I was able to create this, however it involve a lot of chamfer and extrude, it´s a breeze to do this in Sketchup & Cinema 4D but a real hassle in Shapr :neutral_face:

Use the extrude tool from the menu and choose height and angle.