Non-standard Chamfer

Hey all, just wondering if anybody can help me with this. I need a curved chamfer to extend to the top edge of the object. The top edge has a weird shape, initially flat, then coming down and then very slightly up towards the end. Is there an easy way to do this? Cheers, Callum

Hi! There is no regular chamfer too for this, but the result can be achieved by combining the Sweep or Subtract tools. There was a similar discussion not so long ago, let me share it here, I hope you will find it helpful:

I’m really new to this so I’m picking up things on the fly. In the end I used edge translations after splitting the body up into many separate parts, and then union + extrusion subtraction to get a flat underside.

That took a ton of time though, I tried the loft method in the video and that was so much easier. Thanks Peter :slight_smile: