Change equal constraint?

Didnt know how to title this, but lets say you have 3 circles of different sizes, like in the tutorial. When I select the 3 and choose equal constraint, they always match the smallest circle no matter what i do. Is there any way to choose when shape the qual constraint is based on, which size that will all equal/match? Thought maybe itd be based on selection order, but it still goes based on smallest. Pretty frustrating.

Currently, the simplest way is to set a radius to one of the circles, then all of the others will have the same radius. We are working on the refinement of constraints, this will also be a part of it.

This not an issue at all

So. . . I needed to take some time to try and do what I saw in the video. I feel bad because it’s obviously very easy, but no mater what I do (even copying your steps exactly, same dimensions and everything) I was not able to control which shape the other shapes sizes equal to. No matter what order I make them, select them, change their dimensions, and lock/unlock, it seems nearly random, but definitely never resizing to the largest one. Maybe if you type out a break down on what you’re doing in the video? Seems Ironic for me as I learn best through imagery. I do thank you very much for your time and any help.