Symbols (tangent, Vert/Hor Constraints, etc) too small

Mac OS, two 26" monitors, bus. subscription. Complete newbie here. The little symbols that are used everywhere in sketch mode are extremely tiny, making them almost impossible to interpret. (tangent, vertical/horizontal constraints, etc.) I can only guess what they are through context, because visually they are too small to interpret. How can I make them bigger? BTW, the program is incredible! Thanks for your help!

There’s no way to change the size of those icons specifically, they adapt to the resolution and the scale used. But normally they should be quite readable, similar to other icons or the size of the system menu – could you maybe take a screenshot and post it here so that we can double-check if it’s the case.

Another thing that can be useful is that if you select the constraint icon, the info bar at the bottom of the screen displays the name of the constraint which might be easier to read/understand than the icon itself:

I replied with 2 screenshots, got a message that as a new member I could only send one, so I sent the zoomed-

in shot, but I see it didn’t make it. I’m going to try again.

These indeed seem to be too small. What kind of monitors are you using? What are your scale settings for them?

I have two ASUS desktop monitors. 24", 1920 x 1080 resolution. Under Accessibility> Display> Text size, I bumped up the text size from default to 14 point, but it has not affected Shapr 3D.
I have learned from context, or by clicking on them, what some of them are, but I would really like to be able to just look at them and be able to recognize them.
Thank you for your attention, it is much appreciated. I have another question, but I am guessing that it makes more sense to ask it in a separate post.

In the meanwhile, could you try upgrading to the latest version and check which one you’re running? These dimension and constraint visualizations should look different on the most recent versions, so maybe a simple upgrade would fix things.

Thanks Peter, I’ll try that.

OMG! The latest update is so much better! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this program! I took a design class that used fusion 360, and I thought, at 75 years old, I must be becoming senile.
I’m experiencing the normal learning curve problems, but that is nothing compared to Confusion 360! Keep up the good work!
I feel privileged to finally find a CAD program that makes sense and is – dare I say it – easy to learn. Bravo!