Changes to Construction Plane feature?

Prior to a recent unknown date it was possible to Add > Construction Plane > to the Surface of an existing Body using an Offset value of 0 [zero] > then Sketch on the new plane and Extrude a new Body.

Attempting this today the desired Body was created but it becomes part of the existing Body used in this process.
If this outcome was desired it was [and still is] only necessary to Tap with a Finger on the existing Body Surface, then Sketch on the revealed Grid before modifying the Body.
A New separate Body was the intention of these actions.

Have changes been made or am I doing something wrong?

I am not sure I understand the issue, can you post a screenshot?

This can be replicated.
Sketch and Extrude a Closed Shape
Add Construction Plane to a Surface
Sketch onto the CP and Extrude a Closed Shape
This does not form a separate New Body as expected

It actually always worked like this. If you want to make it a separate body, then after extruding it, tap on the boolean badge next to the dimension, and select “new body”

Thank you for this information, functionality has been regained. The following is added for the benefit of any Users who may have had similar experience.

Because in an earlier Thread I advised someone to follow my [then] MO when placing Sketches on a CPs, it is absolutely certain that this Boolean Badge has never seen or used in this situation by me before.
The most significant difference was instead of a totally empty CP when Next was clicked, an Input Field to enable an adjustment to the Offset Value appeared approximately in the centre of the New CP. Any new CP was always already Offset seemingly to a random value.

This is my ‘new’ experience with this feature:

The following ScreenShot shows my first sight of this Badge in this situation:

Tapping this new found Badge revealed a complete Boolean Badge Set:

It is necessary to Move the new CP to a 3D View before the Adjustment Double Headed Arrow appears:

Moving the Arrow in the usual manner enables the Offset to be adjusted.