So I disappear for a week.. and.. now I’m stuck

Ok… So I put aside my Shapr project for a few days due to other things that needed my attention at home. I come back to continue in my modeling and find now that I can’t get an extrude to do what I’m trying to do and which I’ve done before. I know the app was updated a few days ago,…

I created an offset construction plane and created a rectangle and moved it into position where I wanted. I’m trying to essentially create something akin to a handle on the side of this extruded half ellipse. However, when I extrude the rectangle, instead of creating a solid body that intersects with the extruded ellipse, it is doing a cut from the object as seen in the 2nd image. Please clue me into what I’m doing wrong. Thanks so much!

I’m trying to do something that looks similar to this image.

Do you see the blue cube? Push it and make a choice. :slight_smile:

Hmm… Interesting as I’ve never pressed that before… Perhaps something changed in the latest update… Doh! Live and learn! Thanks for that quick reply!!!

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Hey @ps23Rick, this feature has been there for quite a while. Maybe you didn’t need it so far because if the body does not overlap with another body, the app will just create a new body automatically. But if the extruded body touches another body boolean cut is the default operation, because it’s what is the most commonly used in that case.

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