Circling groove

How would I draw a circle groove

Do you mean this ?

Yes that’s it

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Draw a circle near your object. Revolve it and subtract it. You will get a circle groove.

You could use the revolve tool buy making a sketch, creating a box the size of the circle. Then add a circle the size of the groove. I draw a line down the center as the axis. Go to the revolve tool and select the design and make the revolve.

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Thank you very much

Now for your next exercise: Make a cylinder and make a relief groove or circlip groove on the inside of the cylinder. :upside_down_face:

Think outside the box.


Had some time on my hands, is this close , used the revolve tool. Showed in cut in half.

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I’ve managed to make my groove using the revolve and sibtract method. However, when I generate the drawing for the resultant body, I can not show the radiues of the groove. I try using the Dimensions, Radius but am unable to select the groove in the drawing. Suggestions?

If the profile is circular, it should be possible to measure the radius. Please upload the Shapr3D project so we can have a look.

Thanks KPeter! I managed to resolve it but not sure how. When I went back to see that the profile was circular I noticed I had deleted the sketch. So I hid the body (the part), redid the missing sketch, swept and then did the subract again. Now I am able to measure the diameter of the groove.
Could it be because I deleted the sketch after creating the body and then created the drawing?
Or perhaps my original sketch was not circular but an arc (a broken ellipse)?
Anyway, the point is moot now as I’ve got my drawing complete with the radius of the groove.

I’m glad to see you could make it work!

Depending on which version of Shapr3D you are using, removing the sketch will result in different behaviors:

  • Without design history, removing the sketch will not affect the body
  • With design history, it will remove the entire feature that was built using the sketch.

According to your description, I would say the initial sketch missed the circular properties for measurements.