Co edit feature

The problem that this feature will solve:

co edit with someone else using Shapr3d

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

better co edit

What is is that you can’t achieve without this feature?

co edit a design without export - email - email - import repeat

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?

Yes, working with someone else on a design is very hard using Shapr3d

That co edit feature requested 6 years ago would be really fun now that we are synchronising over the net. Would be much nicer than the import/export game.

Ability tto share a design with others and work together on it. Design could be locked for the time its open by another user and unlock after inactivity.
Could also be used for the Shapr team to help users or to check up on bugs.

Could then even be extended into simultaneous working.


Hi Peter, collaboration is top of mind for the Shapr3D team. I can’t share specific roadmap items, but this is something that we find very important.

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Awesome, will be interesting to see if it will be editing

  • one after the other
  • one editing, the other in observation mode
  • both editing at the same time
  • without audio to talk with the co edit

Or all of them cases optional. I am sure there are cases for each.