Compatibility with Windows tabler

Hi All,

I recently came across the Shapr 3D software and liked it very much. I would like to know if I can use the windows form with any tablets apart from Ipad ? Kindly help me identify as Ipad is out of my budget and I really liked the usage of shapr3d with stylus.

Hi Arun, Windows PCs and tablets are fully supported, including Wacom tablets.

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Hi Istvan,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Could you please suggest any alternate Tablet apart from Ipad ?

Kindly let me know the recommended configuration/spec of tab as well.

My personal recommendation would be one of the latest Surface tablets, but I’d recommend looking at the system requirements, and anything that is above that will do the job. Shapr3D’s performance mostly depends on CPU, GPU and RAM, in this order.

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Yepp! :wink: I went and bought a Surface Pro 7+ i7 as well just because the Shapr3d concept is such a thrill. :nerd_face: