Shapr3D on windows tablet?

Shapr3D is designed for the Ipad. Does it work on a Windows tablet with a pen?
I use a Windows desktop with a mouse (works ok), but also a Microsoft Surface laptop with a touchscreen. I am not sure about Shapr3D and the Windows tablet, the Surface is such a tablet.
I have to decide about subscribing to Shapr3D, or not, and subscribing to Sketchup :-).

Yes, Shapr3D works perfectly on Windows tablets, just like on the iPad. If you have a Surface already, you can easily try it.

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Thanks Istvan.
Of course I work with it now, in the free version, but still without a pen. The thing is, I have to decide to buy a pen, or not. Costs at least 109,- euro.
I cannot find any test, any youtube movie, about working with Shapr3D on an windows tablet with a pen. All the trainings are made with an Ipad, is my impression.

Hi @AikevanderHoeff , makes sense! Shapr3D on a Windows tablet works just like on iPad.

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