Complex tutorial request: anvil

I am new to CAD, Shapr3D and the like, but I am eager to learn. I have found a shape that if someone walked me through, I believe would make me self sufficient. That shape is an anvil. I am attaching some photos. I found it much easier to craft this from clay, make a mold and cast it than figuring out how to make it in Shapr3D Please help.

@awoodhead likes to makes stuff like that :wink:

@awoodhead @Istvan I would greatly appreciate this tutorial. I’m very excited to learn how you would approach this problem

Sorry for delay in responding - just got back from my hols! I’m having a bit of a break from Shapr at the moment due to other commitments so cannot help with a tutorial just at the moment - sorry! Hope you work out how to do it - using Shapr is great fun! Best wishes. Andy

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I could send you the file with the layers and modeling steps :slight_smile:


Really? Please do.
I just flew to Germany and I played around on the plane and ended up with these

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Here was the first version I did before learning the float function

here it is:

Enjoy my home country :wink:

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Thanks for sharing this! Greeting from good old Germany :wink:

How can we copy and paste between work boards?

Currently you can’t, but you can import files to the currently open workspace.

Would you possibly, please, consider increasing the number of free work spaces, please, for non subscribed users, please; or offer and EDU discount, please.

We may going to add an option in the next few months to purchase additional workspaces for a one-time fee.

Would you consider an EDU price? How about a one time purchase to own software license? It is a great app and I understand that paying users help support you to continuously improve upon it. However the current pricing already greatly dwarfs Microsoft’s entire Office subscription plan and even Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Yes, that isn’t the fairest comparison given the size differences of the companies, but for the hobbyist such a pricing deters them from becoming invested in the software.
Affinity has two amazing apps that rival Photoshop and Illustrator on a few levels. Although expensive ($50), the one-time purchase is worth it for any user who occasionally has a need for high-quality projects.

For example, I use vector drawing software such as AI (now Affinity) for when I need to make scientific illustrations or posters. It is not even a weekly usage, but when it is used, it is done so intensively and for a great end result. I would like such a relationship with Shapr3D where I can dabble, explore and become a master of the software and process. However, I doubt I will ever use it for a purpose that justifies its current pricing. I would like to think I am not alone in this sentiment.

We just discounted our yearly licence with 60%. One-time purchase is highly unlikely to happen.

What about a one time purchase for a hobbyist? 10 workspaces and high quality .stl file export?

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High quality STL export definitely not, but maybe one time purchase for more workspaces

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So I have 3d printed with plastic the anvil, I am now trying to use a ExOne printer to do a small anvil in metal. However I get the following error when checking with a different software. How can I resolve these?