Connecting 2D Sketches

Hi! I’m very new to the app, and I’m trying to create what is (to me) a complex 3D shape. The way I’ve best been able to do this is by carefully aligning 2D sketches, and so far it’s worked well, apart from the last piece.

I’m trying to get the point of an angled triangle to join with the point of a triangle on a different plane. I’ve connected it to the plane, but I don’t seem to be able to move it further upwards. Attempts to tinker with the angle using a hinge aren’t working, I just don’t seem to be able to tweak the degree perfectly.

I’m aware this may not be possible, and I get the sense the sketching tool isn’t designed for this, but I’m only a couple of days in and trying to get my head around things! Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Ahh I’ve figured it out- used construction planes from three points and then lofted and used union on everything! I searched to see if someone had asked how to make diamonds and that gave me what I needed!