Sketch bugs o features?

Sketching is very frustrating for me, perhaps I’m just missing something. If I want to use sketches to cut into a complex object from many (non symmetric) planes, every new plane has a new separate sketch. This would be ok, I guess, if the was a way to connect a line between two sketches. The reason I want a connection or relationship between two sketches, is that I want the angle or distance to be exact.
Another solution would be if I could set dimensions from a construction line or plane. Honestly without being able to have multiple sketches be relative to a construction object, I’m finding construction objects of very limited use.


I once had this frustration in modeling what I call poly figures. In my case it was an edgy knife holder.


The solution is NOT to try and solve problems with sketches but get your model to 3D where you have more powerful tools. The app allows you to drag edges that snap to another edge. Being creative allows you to do most anything…

For example, here I extruded a simple cubic shape with the intention of forming a poly figure to the origin. Once extruded IIdrew lines from the corners to the z axis on the top face.




Then, using the Transform tool, I pulled down an edge the height of the Extrude. And the rest of the face went along for the ride. Did it for 2 of the 4 faces. Simple, but this can be generalized to quite complex figures.

I can assure you that doing this by sketching on planes is tedious at best where you will never get single points at vertices and colinear lines for adjoining faces. But with my 3D approach there will be a single point at the top and lines at bottom are co-linear.

So I suggest that you think/design 3D ASAP and consider the Transform tool your friend (even on sketches). Very powerful!

Hope this helps…



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Thanks, I really appreciate the tips. I have some serious issues with Shapr3D implementation of 3D transformations that I haven’t been able to figure out. For instance, if I shorten an edge of a 3D object, carefully locating the transformation tool, even the fixed vertical edge that I’m not transforming is changed, just enough that things don’t line up. I like to use my models to take measurements from when I build them, but many transformations just don’t have the accuracy.
The other issue I’m having with 3D transformations, is how incredibly complex it is to transform to a specific angle.

I would be curious for you to explain what you mean by edges snapping together. I don’t see that. Many of my models that I’ve used transformations on, won’t assemble into a single object.

The best action is to learn to record a video of your frustration. It is easy to do and explained in the Learning section. Usually 5 to 10 seconds of video can show your problem and lots of people can help you. Or for really simple issues, an annotated screen shot may do. The S3D staff are quite responsive if they understand your problem.

With regard to faces not assembling into shapes, this is difficult to do unless you overdraw lines and are super precise. But if you work in 3D, this is automatic. Note that in my simple-minded example, there are 4 shapes that could easily be Unioned together for a single shape.


Voila; single body…




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