Connecting Sketches

iPad Pro with Pencil v1, updated, etc. Tried searching for this but I’m so lost and frustrated.

I am attempting to design a roll cage for a vehicle. I have a 2D sketch of one side completed. When I copy it and move it to the other side of the car, I am pulling my hair out with just trying to connect the two sketches.

They are on the same “floor” plane and I simply did a horizontal move/copy, but whenever I try to sketch between the two, its creating another plane and not connecting them.

What am I doing wrong here? I feel like I’m going crazy

Hi Ryan,
You can only sketch on a planar surface. So you will need to add a construction plane where you want, and you can sketch on that. You can also sketch on planar faces of bodies.

You might want to try extruding some of your existing sketches as you build your roll cage design.

Another tool you may find useful is sweep, where the profile will follow (or “sweep”) along a line, arc, spline.

If you attach pictures and even .shapr file, it could help give us a better idea.

Here’s how I might do it (Sketch flat, rotate curves, sweep and mirror)


It is also possible to sweep along some body’s edges, which can help a lot when you need to sweep along a curve that is not contained in a plane.

Here is an exemple.


Here is another variation of the same but in motion :slight_smile:


Y’all are the best, I’ve completely started over and am trying these. Thank you so much!!

Cage Simplified.shapr (14.4 KB)

Shapr file uploaded. I’m trying the sweep function on the floor frame outline and it only lets me go around 3 edges and then deletes the 4th edge.

It does this for the main hoop as well. When I sweep (a 1.375" circle perpendicular to the construction line) it will not sweep the harness bar or diagonal support, and deletes the lines if I only sweep the hoop portion


Halp? Leeloo? Anyways it’s worth noting your sweep shape does not need to be directly connected to your floor frame outline. It can be offset from it and still sweep.

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multipass :slight_smile:

Here is a video of what is happening. It’s too large to upload direct to here, sorry.

Just use multiple separate sweeps.

Not sure this the best way of modeling this kind of thing. I would do that some other way.

When I am trying to complete the final leg of the sweep it is giving a “Failed to handle non-G1 path” I am not sure what this means (super basic user). I created a closed rectangle using the rectangle tool and it still will not allow a closed sweep of all 4 sides. If I add another circle at 90deg to the 3 sided sweep, it leaves an improper mitre and does not close the whole shape. I hope that makes sense to the folks who know what they’re talking about

It depends on what you’re trying to do. If you just learning and having fun, than ok, you can continue. But if you going to produce that frame then you have to think how you will do it in real life and just make the same here in CAD.

For example, this joint will be hard to produce in real life but you draw it this way

Right now, I am playing with designs of various triangulations in preparation to build the cage for real in the car. This is a personal project car.

I guess my question is, what am I doing wrong to not be able to sweep a full 360 degrees around a confirmed closed rectangle?

Math core just do not understand what exactly you want it do produce. Your first job is to make it understand.


AHHH! Moving my sweep face shape off the corner did it! Thank you so much!!

As I saId math core just do not understand how you would like to connect two faces. If be honest I wouldn’t understand that too on its place. When you move it everything become easier for math core :slight_smile:

I was not thinking of it like that, but it totally makes sense. I very much appreciate the help…I am sure it will not be my last request. Thank you so much again!!

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