Problem with sketching on planes

Hi. I am using the software on iPad and find it extremely difficult to work on a newly created plane. Also it behave randomly when it comes to creating sketches.
Sometimes, it creates new sketch and other times it keeps on adding to an existing sketch which is very difficult to manage later

Hi @Bhogal.simranjeet, can you tell us a bit more about what’s the issue? What happens when you try to work on a newly created plane? When you double tap with your fingers on a plane, the app switches to 2D sketch mode on that plane. Have you tried that?

Hi istvan,

Thanks for the quick revert.

I have tried that but it doesnot happen. I even checked the tutorials to see if I am missing something.

Same is with the sketches and at times when I try to extrude, selecting a sketch takes many taps on the screen.

I am using the 2020 iPad Pro.

Are you sure that you are tapping with your fingers and not with the Pencil?

I have been. I ll try to restart the app and then retry.

Would you have a solution for the sketch being adding itself into an existing sketch ?

I am not sure if I understand the problem. Can you share a screen recording?

I’ll try that in a bit for sure. So basically what happens is that whenever we want to sketch, it creates it as a brand new sketch and names it numerically. However if the sketch is on a similar plane, it gets added to the same or existing sketch.

Yes, that’s by design. Currently you can’t separate sketches on the same plane. We are working on solving this.

Oh alright. So in order to make different sketches. It would be preferable to make new planes every time with some distance from the previous plane

Correct. Or you can simply delete your sketches after you used them to make a body, as Shapr3D is a direct modeling environment, there is no connection between the sketches and the bodies.

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Awesome. This is a very cool software. So much more easier and still detail oriented. I am an architect and find it so much easier than so many other 3D software’s. and never have I ever received responses on a problem this promptly. You are awesome .

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Users first! :wink:

That would be great, I also have similar problems sometimes.
Would it be possible to have and or create a few different colours for sketch lines, I think that this would help me a lot for complex drawings, everything in the same blue/green colour gets confusing, just a thought.

That’s not in the scope of this project. But you will be able to hide and show the sketch groups separately.