Construction Axis Types Requests


I can’t see the value of the Through 2 planes Type. It doesn’t seem that the placement of the axis has any significance (without further info). A practical use example would be appreciated.

On the other hand, it seems to me that a Type - At Intersection of planes would be very useful. For example, one could intersect planes and establish axes at their intersections. Then hide the planes to have a space frame of construction lines. In my way of thinking, any point established on an axis would be in two planes facilitating the auto alignment of sketches, etc.

I find alignment of sketches, say on opposed faces of a Shape, to be tedious and am looking for a better way.



What would the “through 2 planes” option do?

Intersection could be useful indeed.


Thanks for your response.

Your question: What would the “through 2 planes” option do?

That is essentially my first query. This option already exists but I don’t understand its utility. Is it the shortest axis between two planes?

The second part of my post was a request to consider an axis at the intersection of two planes.



Oh, of course, sorry, I misunderstood you. Actually it seems to be buggy - it should create a construction axis on the intersection of the two planes. Thanks for noticing it, it will be fixed asap.