Create a plane from two lines

I have two lines oblique to all three orthogonal planes. They intersect through a point above the x/y plane along the z axis. How can I create a plane from these two lines. I can’t seem to draw a third. Line connecting the end points.

Since the two lines intersect, you can create a construction plane by using the Type:Offset “Through 3 Points”. Select two points on one line and the third point on the 2nd line. Double tap on the newly created plane and now you can draw a third line connecting the two lines.

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There is no heading called Type:Offset in my version. There are Tools:Offset Edge and Offset Face and neither has an option for “through 3 points”.

Add → Construction Plane → Type:Offset

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Thanks…you da Man!! I’ve been busting my noggin for a few days trying to finger this out.

Glad to help. Sorry I wasn’t very clear initially.

Well I got the sketch plane but my problem now is that the two lines I used to create the plane have specific geometries such that I need what I draw on the new sketch plane to snap to these lines. I can’t seem to make this happen. So basically I have this oblique plane in space and no way to orient anything on it in relation to the three standard orthogonal planes or the xyz origin. Any suggestions?

Here is a workaround. Not sure if this is what you want to do.
Once I’m able to create the plane with those 2 intersecting oblique lines, I’m able to make that 3rd line.
I made a dummy body for the purpose of making a new plane perpendicular to that 3rd line and the oblique plane. I then used Project from the bottom edge of the dummy body to make a line on the new plane. Delete the body and now I have a line in the same space, so to speak, as that 3rd line. Now I can draw and extrude. Sorry, I had to speed up the video so it would upload.


Thanks. I did something like that to create the first of several relate bodies I am modeling. BTW, I am trying to Translate a body (rectangular extrusion) to a specific location using a starting and ending point. On the body I want to move there are no snap points to use as a start point. Is there some way to turn them on?

Hello! If you only have the body as a reference, you can snap to corner points. If that is not enough, please do not forget that you can create sketches that can be used to define the start and endpoints of the Translate tool. These sketches can be fully independent of the body that will be translated.

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