Construction plane bug / request

Noticed something weird: if I select a construction axis, an “Add Plane (Perp. to Curve)” button appears. However, if I go into Add/Construction Plane and change the type to “Perpendicular to Curve at Point,” both straight and curved edges can be selected, but axes cannot. Axes can only be selected in “Perpendicular to Edge at Point” mode.

Maybe this is just a textual bug, but it seems odd that there are two plane construction modes that are so nearly identical except for this inconsistency. Maybe they should be merged, so the options look like:

  • Offset from Face
  • Parallel to Face at Point
  • Through Edge at Angle
  • Perpendicular to Edge or Curve at Point
  • Through 3 Points
  • Midplane

The first two could potentially also be merged, skipping the “Select a point” step for planar faces.

And while I’m here, I would add:

  1. Parallel to Planar Curve (or maybe Offset From)
  2. Through 2 Lines or Edges (parallel or intersecting)

I find myself doing these all the time via workarounds: for #1, I use Perp. to Curve and then rotate the plane 90°; for #2, I use Through 3 Points and place two of the points on the same line. It’s doable but the extra steps always feel silly.

Finally, if I’m not being too greedy: could the coordinate axes count as “edges,” and the axial planes (XY/YZ/XZ) count as “faces” for construction purposes? For example, I frequently just want a plane offset from XY or YZ to use with the section view, and it seems far too difficult to create one if I don’t already have a face oriented that way.



Thanks, forwarded to the team, we will fix it.