Convert to body

Hey all,

So I just upgraded to the business sub so I can create a dwg. Man I am soooo bummed because I can’t select my part to create the dwg. I guess it’s not a “body.” Is there a way to convert it to a body?


Can you share a screenshot?

Oops! My bad! The model in my doc was an stl. This was an old project would I dumped the original body model created in Shapr and only had the exports]ed stl file. I forgot I was in the process of rebuilding it again. When I reopened that work file I saw a part model and a bunch of sketch layers the lined up with the model. Took me a while of scratching my head I remembered I was in the process of rebuilding the part using the stl model as reference. Oops.

Once I realized this I was able to rebuild. It’s sooooo quick and easy to do this Shapr! I was then able to create a dwg.

Question though on the dimensioning: I’m unable to add dims rounded corners. Because of this I am unable to call out the overall width and height. In the attached image you can see that I can select line segments. I’ve tried the radius and diameter dim tool but cannot select the radius.

Hi! The projections for the Drawing tool are made in the direction of the X, Y, and Z axes. If the body is misaligned just a bit - a few degrees, for example, the projection of the radiuses will be a spline that does not have a constant radius to measure.
Please create a sketch line that is parallel with one of the main axes of the coordinate system and align the body to that line to make sure the body is oriented properly.


I don’t know if this is of any benefit…

As an experiment of what @KPeter explained, I made this body, then tilted it a few degrees in the X axis, then Y, and then both axis.

Then I tried to min-max dimension the part during each axis tilt. The front view allows min-max dimensions with the part tilted in Y axis, but the front view has a problem with X axis. Makes sense.

So I turned on the “hidden edges” view, and selected corresponding edges. It did do a min-max, but keep in mind this is not going to be an accurate measurement, and more so the more the part is tilted in the x axis on the front view.