Can I rework Shapr3D mesh drawing

I have a drawing that I created in Shapr3D, I made it all into one body, however I lost all my drawing and sketching work, is it possible to get that back in anyway so I can make changes to what is now a mesh body?
I am presuming not.
I have read many of the articles but have not found a precise answer. It is basically the same as the question above, if I have a completed one body part that is created in another 3D package by a friend is there any way that I can break that body down into drawings that I can modify?
I am really enjoying the Shapr3D package, a lot of trial and error and there is a lot for me to learn, but it is helping create modelling items that I would struggle to make any other way.

Hi Ali3d,

not 100 % sure if i understood your problem and if my answer is helpful but let’s give it a try. You can use the “project” tool in combination with construction planes to get sketches from your solid body. As i don’t know exactly how your solid body looks like and what sketches do you need, but this could be an option.
Just add a construction plane and place it for example in front of one side of the solid from which you want to generate a sketch. Use the project tool and select first the surface of your body and the construction plane to project the sketch onto that plane.
Maybe that helps.

Thanks for the idea, I will give this a try, although it will mean a redraw.

Basically it looks like no matter what the file type is IGS STP STL SHPR3D or any other type once you combine, union bodies, to make ONE part / BODY that you cannot undo this to make changes.
As I am making and designing parts for scale models, I now try and work around this by keeping geometry and separate body COPIES, so if I need to change and amend parts once I have printed a complete part and it is not correct, I can go back and have a good starting point to redevelop the part that I need.