Copy existing sketch onto a new body?

So I created a fairly detailed sketch and now I would like to use it on a new body I created but can’t figure out how to do it. Is it possible?

Thanks all

You can project a sketch onto a body with the Project tool.
If the body is flat, you have the option of projecting as a sketch or an edge.
If the body is curved, you can only project an edge.

Hi Mike, as usual I went experimenting after posting this and found the project, it seemed to be what I needed, but when I tried it my sketch got warped out of dimension. I don’t know if it’s because the face of the body I’m trying to project onto is at a 20° angle or if I did something wrong?

If the body is at an angle the projection will be distorted. Either rotate the body parallel to the sketch or visa versa before doing the projection.

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Thanks Mike, while you’re here is there an easy way of putting a body back to 0 Z-height on the workplane without trying to guess?

make a temp body with one face at your desired Z-height. Then use Align to that face and afterward delete temp body.


Hmm okay, thanks. I was hoping I was missing some sort of shortcut key but not to worry lol. Maybe one for the feature request thread :slight_smile: