Converting STL of my logo to Sketch

I have made a mesh STL file out of our logo. I have the illustrator and EPS files, so if I should do this a different way, just tell me.
I am trying to get our logo so I can extrude it into a part.

I know Shapr doesn’t work with mesh, but I have tried boolean tools, and every time I do it, it turns the resultant model into a mesh part too. In the video below you can see I have my plane and my logo imported. I intersect the models, and perform the subtraction, granted it’s the “negative” of my logo, but . But now that I’ve done that, whenever I try to extrude what’s left, it says “cannot extrude mesh model”.

I know I can sit here and trace it, but there has got to be a way to do this, no?
I have read the article

But I am trying to kinda do the opposite. I want the logo to be a reference on the construction plane.

Well, I figured it out.

I reopened the SVG file in Illustrator, and exported the file as a Autodesk RealDWG.