Mesh to solid tool

I work with STL and 3MF files quite a bit and would like to be able to convert the mesh models to solid models directly in Shapr. Currently I have to use Fusion 360 or Solidworks to convert the files. My workflow would be significantly easier if I could do this in one tool.

The ideal tool for me would be to convert the mesh model to a solid model on import.

Laci_KShapr3D Staff

Nov '2022

Working with STL can be challenging. In many cases if the shape isn’t too complex, it’s better to recreate it in Shapr.

Shapr3D is a solid body modelling software, therefore working with meshes is quite limited.

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Personally, I wouldn’t mind if we could just - project what is visible to a plane, so we can essentially “convert” the shape to non-mesh.

I split body and have a flat side.