Conveyor auger 3D object into drawing for CNC plasma cutter

My adventure with Shapr3D have started just few days ago an I’m super exited abut it’s endless possibilities and how this software user friendly is…
I’m working on project of screw in foundation pillars.
Here is a 3D object that is a part of this pillar…

And here is where I got stuck:
I would like to make this conveyor auger 3D object (shown above)“flat” so I could project its shape on 2D surface for CNC plasma cutter drawing…
How can I do this?
I assume solution is fairly simple, but I just have simply run out of ideas… :neutral_face:

Thanks so much in advance for your support!

Create a construction plane parallel to the body. Use the Project tool then export the sketch as DWG or DXF.


Perfectly clear instructions!
Thanks so much!


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Hallo again,
Below are results I’m getting…
In my case it’s just a set of circles.
It should be sort of “incomplete donut” like you were getting.
Where is the mistake I made?

Below link to video, how my goal is achieved in SW:


Hi, can you try placing the construction plane at the top of the design and then project from the top surface.

The way the design cross-instersects at the bottom makes it seem like a circular surface.

Unfortunately, projection of top surface gives same results.
This object in 2d should look like one below:

So after cutting it from steel sheet and some bending it could wrap around a shaft…
I’m sure it can be done very easy (that’s why I really like Shapr3D), I just can’t figure out the trick…


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The result of your circles looks correct. Looks like there is also a line on the red axis from the inner circle to the outer circle which represents the start point of your helix. Also looks like your helix is a full 360°.

In this example I made a helix at 330° and did the projection. Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Regards, Mike

My objective is to crate a drawing of element that will be cut out of metal sheet.
Ready element after cutting and bending will be one full turn (360 deg) of conveyor auger.
In one of my messages above there is a manufacture drawing of such element.
On flat surface material looks like not completed circle or wheel or donut, but after some bending it will make one full wrap (360 deg) around a shaft.

In Solid Works this can be achieved by using command “flat” or “flatten”.


The following is my understanding working from the drawing above and accepting that the Designer is correct:

It is obvious that the Sheet Metal ‘C’ shape cut out is oversize compared to the Shaft/Tube and the final Diameters of the Auger.
This is because the ‘C’ shaped Sheet Metal parts are stretched to a specific length of 228.6mm.
The action of stretching will both reduce the effective Outside and Inside Diameters of the ‘C’ shape and wrap it a full 360º around the Shaft.
Use a thin card/plastic cut out ‘C’ profile to verify the above.
This stretching effect can be done with the Cut Metal ‘C’ shapes, but not directly achievable in Software. S3D and Solid Works use a similar MO to produce the Auger.

Create the Body of the ‘C’ shape [shown Yellow below] Components:

In the above ScreenShot the translucent cylinder represents the Diameter and Length, 228.6mm x 228.6mm, of a stretched ‘C’ shape Component.
Note: S3D will not display Dimensions from more than one Plane, therefore the vertical Line on the Cylinder does not present the measurement 228.6mm.

It is not possible to obtain the desired visual result direct from the above ‘C’ shape.
Sketch a New ‘C’ shape with an Inside Diameter to match that of the Shaft, 60.3mm, and an Outside Diameter of 228.6mm. Alternatively Transform > Scale.
In the following 2.5mm thickness was used and this is slightly less than the 3/32" specified.
In Tools > Rotate the Angle used was 360º and the Height 228.6mm:


Thanks a lot!