Copy and Paste for Sketches

Would be cool if you can further develop the copy tool. What i need is that i can copy and paste a sketch in another sketching plane. Is this possible?

Copy/paste is not currently available, but we’re looking into implementing that – the details are a bit tricky there. Since you wrote “further develop”, I guess you’re aware that you can use the Move tool’s “Copy” make copies of sketches as well, right?

Yeah i know but if i have a complicated sketch would it be useful to copy it if i need it on another place in my project an paste it in another sketching plane. It feels more natural for me an example on the iPad. Select a sketch, then hold it with the pencil click on copy, go in another sketching plane with another direction in space, hold again and click on paste. Then i could move it or snap it on another sketch or intersected body.


You are right, I understand. We’ll be looking into it, but I can’t make any promises about it right now.

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If the planes are in line with each other, adding the option to “convert entities” on another plane would be a good solution too. The original sketch would drive the new sketch and you would select either the whole sketch or parts you want in the new sketch plane. But also yes, coping a sketch is sometimes useful if you need to make a slight variation as in the case of a loft.

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